How to Use Rat Traps

Rat Traps – How to Use Them

Rat traps are one common method of controlling rats. However, there are other several ways of controlling rats such as use of poison, keeping premises highly hygienic, etc. Rats are dangerous rodents that can not only cause structural damage but also can pose health risks to human beings. Rats harbor many diseases some of which can be spread to humans especially through their urine. Additionally, they can also cause serious structural damage especially fire by gnawing way insulation on electrical cables, floods by damaging water pipes and even fire catastrophes by eating through gas pipes. Suffice to say, therefore, it is important to carry out rat control to be able to avoid such damages. 


rat traps

Rat traps are very effective in getting rid of  rats. When using traps, emphasis should be put on the number of traps used. It is important to use many traps that can be reasonably effective. This is because the population of rats is usually more than expected. People usually confuse rats with mice and this has always led to people using mice traps instead of traps. Mice traps are usually bigger in size than traps. Therefore, the possibility of trapping a rat using mouse trap is almost zero. It is therefore important to use traps to control rats.


To trap rats, you first need to identify high-activity points of the rat colony. The common areas are always along walls, behind appliances, dark corners, and those areas where droppings are made. Within these areas, place traps spaced 15-20 feet apart and ensure the positioning of those rat traps are in such a way that rats must be forced to pass over the traps during their normal movements. Positioning of traps is however, dependent on the area of movement of the rats. Roof rats cannot be trapped in a similar way as floor rats. Given the fact that rats are always shy of new objects placed on their way, an inducement such as a bait can also be used with rat traps to ensure they don’t escape.

Rats are adaptable, mobile and they breed rapidly. For this reason, rat control can be a difficult task to an individual with no skills in rat control especially in using rat traps a method of control. The best alternative in this case is to seek an expert advice from professionals in rat control. It is also important to be careful especially when using poison to control rats because, pets and children are vulnerable to getting exposed to rat poison. Pets and children should therefore be kept out of reach of rat poison.

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